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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Notice of Road Closure for F1 event at the Binjai Carpark, KLCC.

owh lupa...nie announcement gak.

*sok ade chance tengok sbb office area tu jah*

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please be informed that the Formula One Street Demo featuring Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg of the Mercedes GP F1 Team will be held on 31 March 2010 (Wednesday) at Jalan Binjai and roads in the KLCC area. Thus, the scheduled closure will take place from 2.00pm to 7.30pm affecting the following roads:

  1. Entrance / access roads leading to the KLCC underpass and tunnel leading to KLCC parking from Jalan Tun Razak (North bound).
  2. Jalan Binjai and Lorong Kuda.
  3. Other access roads leading to the KLCC parking tunnel and Jalan Binjai from Jalan Tun Razak.
  4. Access roads from the intersection leading towards Jalan Binjai from Jalan Kia Peng, Jalan Conlay and Jalan Tun Razak; roads from Jalan Binjai towards Persiaran KLCC up to the traffic lights in front of PNB Darby Park.
  5. Entrance and Exit of KLCC parking towards Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Binjai

Please be advised that tenants and shoppers will still be able to utilize alternative roads to PETRONAS Twin Towers and Suria KLCC from Jalan Ampang, Persiaran KLCC from Jalan P.Ramlee and the Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway (AKLEH).

Many thanks for your kind cooperation and we regret any inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,
Level 69, Tower 1, Floor Safety Management Team
On behalf of KLCC Urusharta Tenant Care

ricky martin

he made an announcement that he is a GAY. well m not so surprised.

just him being honest to himself and public plus his fans. 

me? i am a straight women but really love to be with sexy and matured chicks.  

anyway..below is song by miss katy perry that always sing when i have issue with mr Darling. i think he always wonder how straight i am.

This was never the way I planned
Not my intention
I got so brave, drink in hand
Lost my discretion
It's not what, I'm used to
Just wanna try you on
I'm curious for you
Caught my attention

I kissed a girl and I liked it

The taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it
I liked it

No, I don't even know your name

It doesn't matter,
You're my experimental game
Just human nature,
It's not what,
Good girls do
Not how they should behave
My head gets so confused
Hard to obey

I kissed a girl and I liked it

The taste of her cherry chap stick
I kissed a girl just to try it
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it
I liked it,

Us girls we are so magical

Soft skin, red lips, so kissable
Hard to resist so touchable
Too good to deny it
Ain't no big deal, it's innocent

I kissed a girl and I liked it

The taste of her cherry chap stick
I kissed a girl just to try it
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it
I liked it

Monday, March 29, 2010

indian wedding

i had very hectic and dramatic weekend which i don't really want to share here. 
but for my happiness i put here me wearing Saree..few hours before i went berserk  and dramatic to my beloved 'uncle'

for below to Miss Sonia and her beloved mum.

 cam whoring act

Thursday, March 25, 2010

good news..alhamdulillah

Finally i received my confirmation letter after 7 months i've rejoint [READ: RE JOINT] this current company. and another good this is i am sooo handling new Item. VALVE. instead of IT. yeay... meaning i could go to Terengganu/Pahang/Johor for mysales visit ~on my own~. calling miss taeyong.'s good eventho it is not that perfect. Thank you Allah
i miss my boy,misty. 

hari yang bizi tp aku rasa boring

tengok tajuk memang sangat la kan...
ye aku agak bz tp ade rasa yang malas n bosan.

dalam aku dok layan gambar kucing2 kat few blogpage yg aku kerap terjah...tingat kat kb. abah aku suke membela haiwan..dari aku kecik sampai la sekarang. smua yang dia penah bela lam golongan haiwan yg xsama kecuali kucing. hehehehe kalo dia cakap xmo pun..balik je aku musti akan ade kucing sesapa yang bertenggek last2 jadi penunggu tetap rumah. mana tak..makanan banyak..esp ayam. sesapa yang tahu back ground family aku akan faham le maksudnya.

so bawah nie ade few yang aku snap masa balik kb.

tupai..abah nyer latest minat. penah abang eddie cakap terlepas dari sangkar masa dia nak cuci sangkar..abes satu rumah cepat2 ligan tupai yg bernama Somad nie sebab takot ilang. bile ilang maka abah akan dari incredible hulk. bila abah marah maka smua orang takot. naseb le dapat tangkap Somad nie. kat rumah penuh ngan buah2an for him. btuah sungguh budak sekoq nie. 
~ado seko anok tupa atah jula mokte~

sugar glider..nie pun minat abah bela. sangkar sugar glider ngan sangkar Somad sebelah menyebelah tp dorang bukan jiran yang mesra alam (cam aku le). memula ade sepasang pasangan yg sangat suka marah bila aku buat2 curik makanan dia, aku balik last month tup2 dorang dah produced 2 babies. 2nd gambar tu yang baby..masih belom bukak mata masa aku snap dlu. tangan tu milik abang eddie.

 ikan..makhluk nie mmg banyak. abah ade 2 aquarium lam rumah and 3 fish ponds. antara tukang cuci tu abang eddle kesayangan aku. tak pun aku bila aku balik..tu pun kalo aku xdapat escape..meaning aku xde alasan. selalu aku cakap kat abah..xmo nanti kulit jadik gelap hehehe. cam gambar kat atas kucing tu..abang2 aku kne buli dek abah. sorang tu keje settlekan fish pond sorang tu settlekan kete abah. aku..tukang sakat dorang. ngeh3. kucing tu lak..aku named him Hapis. sebab...coba korang halau kucing ade bunyik piss piss. sian dia...datang lepak so aku bg la makan. abah lak mmg baki sisa breakfast dia kat sorang staff abah mmg bela lam diam. ikan lam fish pond nanti aku carik.

tikus mikus yang tumpang lalu n curik makan leh consider bela ke? hehehehe

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Darlin’ It Ain’t Easy

I’m down to my last
stick of cigarette
I’m down to the last thought
in my head
You saw me
packing my bags
You asked me
if I was coming back
And I told you
that I wasn’t sure
and I’m
5 steps away from out the door
Darlin’ it ain’t easy
for me to say goodbye
but I have found myself another guy
You look confused
And I dont blame you
But you’re never around
enough for me to love you
me to love you
Darlin’ you don’t deserve me
you don’t deserve my love
I had plenty to give
but you shrugged it off
Don’t think I dont know
about the hair on the pillow
and it seems like what we had was just a show
was it all
just a show?
Darlin’ it aint easy
for us to say goodbye
I just hope that we’ll have better lives

ngape la mode aku cam nie..esp with red font. this post and previous post.

bitter heart

Sun rays come down
as seen when they hit the ground
Children spinning around
Til’ they fall down down down
I wait for you
It’s been two hours now
and you’re still somewhere in town
your dinner’s getting cold
I rest my case
you are always this late
and you know how much I hate
waiting around, round, round
Bitter heart, bitter heart
tries to keep it all inside
Bitter heart, bitter heart
shadows will help you try to hide
Bitter heart my bitter heart
is getting just a little fragile
Bitter heart bitter heart
of mine
And then you come
and tell me the same reason
that you did yesterday
so tell me what’s her name
du du du du

great weekend

i had a great weekend. wah. macam aku xpenah ade weekend cam nie.

weekend lepas best sbb aku p showcase sorang minah yang aku sangat suke layan lagu2 dia plus i went there with my BFFs also i met my sedara yang aku panggil sepupu kat sana. maka ade la lam 5 single ladies in our group. plus this will b my last lepak2 cam ni with my BFFs as April nanti aku akan ke sana. to my BFFs...i lovu u guys. petang sblm gerak to live centre lepak kat tpt aku jap...hunn sampai dr kuantan around 5++..lewat sket sbb ade accident kat MRR2 (MRR2 depan rumah jek).

 *izyan ali rahman...saya sedey sbb kamu xperform my fav song :(
that nite we all mlepak at sonia's place. and aku ngetes pakai sari. alang2 sabtu akan datang aku nak p indian wedding so aku try dlu. memula aku cakap nak pakai kaler purple tp ms test dia bg kaler itam. nampak cung jek. aku rasa aku pakai kaler itam le nanti.

sakan mak pose. nie baru testing. sabtu depan full dressed nyer pose

pagi tu aku brunch kat rumah sonia. ye aku masak tosai. NOT. sangat menipu. gambar tu saje aku pose.

a day before aku pg convex with my colleague...jalan2 tgk indian wedding fair. not bad at all. so jalan punya jalan...nie la hasilnya.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

cat sick

dari tadik aku dok blog hop kat sini aku dah rindukan anak jantan aku...Misty yang aku bg mama jaga. nanti aku n mama pg wat umrah..tinggal Misty n family kat kg...agak cane la nanti.  Harap laki mama terbuka pintu hati bagi dorang makan...aku pun deeply aku dapat lupakan what past is pass.

Misty ngan anak2 sedara. dorang dah selamat. Misty memang penyayang...kitties dari keluarga aku dia respect eventho kucing rumah mama xleh accept dia masa memula sampai. ~ye la tu..skrg Freeway AKA mak bonda kucing mama dah lehirkan anak benih Misty~

Aku suka tengok aksi nie sbb dari kecik Misty mmg suka minum lam besen...dari kat KL sampai aku anta balik KB. Dia automatik tahu kat mana tandas..sbb mana ade tandas situ musti ade besen. tapi skrg sbb Misty dah terer pancut so mama banned dia dari masuk lam rumah...sian pun ade padan muka pun ade.
waaaaaa mama Lis rindu Misty~ye mama aku bahasakan aku mama Lis kat Misty but kat kucing dia..aku kak adik2 aku panggil aku~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

pengumuman tak rasmi (edc senyap2 sbb tu kat blog je)

m so one step closer to holly ground.

pic: ihsan tommy

leave date: 26th April 2010
back to Malaysia: 8th May 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

aku nak p concert zee avi!!

dah 2 hari gua dok layan webpage nie sbb nak bli tixx tp aku dapt note nie gak buat kali ke dua!!!

Thank you for your interest!

 Pre-registration is now closed.
General sales will begin 12PM, March 13, 2010.

maka amat lah beta sakit hati sbb takot xdapat tixx. dah le aku dah pre register. alahaiiiiii

anyone leh tolong?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

masa terluang sambil tunggu fuad

semalam while waiting for my visa pic siap aku lepak kat popular bookstore sensorang. layan few books. layan punya la skali aku jatuh cinta ngan 6 biji buku...thot of beli but since ramai lak yang Q aku decide to pass it.

hari nie ms tunggu client AKA kawan lama kat klcc aku laju jek pg kino. carik buku yg berkenan dihati smlm. so aku rembat 3 bijik instead of nam. ~gile ke ape bli 6 bijik..kalo gaji aku riban2 n xde tanggungan kne baya aku xkeksah amek saplo pun...berangan....~


Saya Pun Melayu by Zaid Ibrahim or ZIKO

tah nape tetiba aku nak baca buku nie...nampak sangat menarek lepas aku baca few pages n sinopsis
then aku grab book by Lydia Teh: Life's Like That-scenes from Malaysian Life

cam menarek je buku tulisan amoi nie. ye dulu aku agak xsuka but lama2 fall in love lak
last aku grab satu imported book by Kate Taylor, titled Not tonite, Mr right (hehe). at first smlm aku tgk buku lain tp yang nie lebih tempting. so aku zassss jek bli.

so..agak2 bile la leh start baca since aku tgh layan 9 Nyawa by Ramlee Awang Murshid. ye aku sangat minat tulisan pakcik nie sbb sangat lain dari penulisan novelist malaysia (sebab..aku tulis karang ade yg kne saman)

so for myself...selamat membaca sambil membaca buku panduan mengerjakan umrah. 


Monday, March 8, 2010





baby nadia

masuk nie baby nadia dah 8 bulan(kalo xsilap)
baby nadia ngan baby sihitam manis sebaya. tp sbb jarak geography yang tidak mengizinkan maka tak kan nampak la kesebayaan dorang. 

nadia nie anak buah aku paling bungsu stakat nie. sangat comel n pandai. 
pandai sbb dia sebok dok kupil2 tahi lalat aku sbb dia xpenah jumpa makhluk pemanis muka aku. pandai gak sbb ingatan dia kuat..sbb dia masih cam aunty dia yang susah nak balik nie.

 gigit mamaaaaaa

"seiras tak nadia ngan abang an (emran)"

muka buruk nadia..suka sangat wat memek cam nie. dia rasa comel sangat la tu

emran sakit

aku balik kb last friday lepas keje. sampai rumah jam 615am...tahu2 emran masuk ward jam 4am sbb muntah2..demam. 
lam jam 10 aku ngan para ibu aku menjenguk emrah kat hospital pakar perdana. sian mamat tu dari yg active terus lembik. kata abg eddie muntah ade lam 7x. aku lepak sampai petang sbb dah xlarat since xcukup tidur.

kesian kan..mamat nie perasan dia superhero batman.

bengang sbb aku snap gamba 


to all stupid malaysians...yes chairs are meant for all your lugages, pails and all those stuff. 
and to malaysia govt...please provide less chair at public area

location: PUTRA bus terminal, kl

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


sticker pada box lam gambar really reminds me of someone that was in my life but...still in my heart. dah le recently kerap chat with him.
cane aku nak larik dari dia?? office aku skrg dekat ngan his office in fact area dia tu lubuk rezeki aku ler..hampeh. tp aku mmg xboley lari cus work scope kami lam bidang sama..pusing sana pusing sini musti jumpa gak le, unless jodoh kami memang dah xde. rindu,sudah tentu but kami masing2 dah bawa haluan dan dah berpunya unofficially.[READ: M TAKEN]~shoh shoh perasaan itu sila nyah dalam diri~.sian kat my current partner, tahu kat dia xcukup tanah aku berlari. LARIKKKKKKKK.
tetiba lak aku nak karang pasal menda nie...amat susah aku nak bukak citer aku ngan seseorang unless with my gf...bukak topic nie lajuuuuuuuuuuuuu jek kami bergossip. hunn,u know who u are. 
tapi tu le..sepanjang kami 'ilang' banyak la aku jumpa chop mohor rasmi nie..kat jalan raya(bus),kat rumah makcik aku(xtahu nape ade gak plastic bag yg ade chop mohor tu~konpius aku),staff company dia yg pakai baju chop mohor. warghhhh nampak chop tu tetiba muncul lak bayangan muka dia.wekkkk

~sekian sahaja edc merapu aku~

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

menumpang kaseh

aku lupe nak post. 
since aku sayang tol kat haiwan kesayangan Nabi Muhammad SAW, aku nak gak letak

masa aku balik kb 2 weeks ago, kat rumah abah ade seko kucing baru yang menumpang. kucing jantan tp comel, i named him HAFIZ. 

kucing nie walo dia baru tengok aku tp after terperangkap ngan rasuah ikan terus ngam ngan aku..esp bila aku ade hadiah nak bagi dia. minggu nie aku balik lagi..meh kita tengok hafiz masih ingat aku ke tak.

Monday, March 1, 2010

kuantan trip 2010

adalah sangat letih+best+giler!!
yes we laughed ALOT!!!

port biasa: rumah miss taeyong
ahli biasa:  miss sonia 

tpt lawatan: Kuantan, pahang DM
teluk cempedak+sg lembing+ECM (movie)

antara acara wajib: supper kat TAJ

pantai teluk cempedak~morning~

      nice view

    nie lam jam 8am

then bfast@ho yin, teluk cempedak. tpt nie famous ngan curry mee

   betol2 haw liaw

next day kami ke sg lembing. spesific location: kawasan perkelahan pasir kubur. best okkay air sungai sangat jernih. dah cuaca panas terik..maka kulit2 kami smua jadi cam udang kena bakar.

     wajib le lalu jambatan kayu nie~musim tengkujuh jambatan kayu nie sangat menakotkan

    nah signroad~perkelahan pasir kubur~

    the view

   kanak2 riang mandi sungai~weeeee~
   jernih kan air sungai


banyak lg tempat yg best kat sg lembing. last year kami pg muzium bijih. next trip..xsure, tp pg tpt air panas best gak.

~the end~
till me n sonia datang lagi..cya hunn!