bila Pitih

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Darlin’ It Ain’t Easy

I’m down to my last
stick of cigarette
I’m down to the last thought
in my head
You saw me
packing my bags
You asked me
if I was coming back
And I told you
that I wasn’t sure
and I’m
5 steps away from out the door
Darlin’ it ain’t easy
for me to say goodbye
but I have found myself another guy
You look confused
And I dont blame you
But you’re never around
enough for me to love you
me to love you
Darlin’ you don’t deserve me
you don’t deserve my love
I had plenty to give
but you shrugged it off
Don’t think I dont know
about the hair on the pillow
and it seems like what we had was just a show
was it all
just a show?
Darlin’ it aint easy
for us to say goodbye
I just hope that we’ll have better lives

ngape la mode aku cam nie..esp with red font. this post and previous post.


  1. Salam... pastu ada hikmah di sebalik sebarang kejadian ;)

    * be happy *

  2. salam kak umie...

    yes, ade hikmah dsebalik kejadian. harap saya tabah.



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