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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

my new year 2013

As Salam

I had a good one this year. 

A day before the date my brother and his family came.

On the 31st I went to uncle's place in Ampang. Supposed I went there to collect a letter but there were plenty of food to eat. So I ate ate and ate. Then I rushed back to because my cousin said she and her kids would like to come by to watch fireworks.

Got a good place to watch  in my neighbourhood tho.

Conclusion: Year end and start with close relative around.

2013 is get-along-with-family year I guess.

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  1. selamat thn baru..saya lak..tahun jer azam masih yg lama... tp target baru tp ada..hahaha

  2. komen xde kaitan dengan entry..hahah

    *tgh buring opis kosong..keje pun x semangat..hehe

  3. happy new year!!!! semoga tahun ni a lil bit special than before :)


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