bila Pitih

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear U

sorry for not telling u that m back in kaybee.(by the time u read this I might be on my way back to happy-land)

just m bz with my few stuffs and my laziness to drive date around ronda2. hm...susahkan.. u can't fetch me at home due to your status. hope to see you..but when is it ,I don't know. 

If you in KL I mean KL not Shah Alam or elsewhere, do give me a call. I'll fix time especially during the weekend to meet. *Miss your smile and your eyes.*

and that song you posted on my other wall....i love it but...bukan ke hati ku yang kau sakiti few years ago?
anyway...time flies and now our status changes. we now best least I know that you'll be around.


jari-jari gatal mengomen...