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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 6

Holla everybody.

this me Sayang the smallest by size comellest cat in Granny's house.  Me and my 5 little rascals are doing very fine here. Mama put me in a 2 storey cage as it is much easier for me to take care of them and very comfy for me to lie when I feed them. 

Since Mama and Granny focus more me, my little rascals could grow bigger very fast as they only drink milk,sleep,sleep,sleep & sleep and play among themselves plus a few toys that Mama gave.

Just now Mama bring them inside their house and let them play around,but I can't handle my little rascals. hinssssss.They are too curious like me when I arrived here few days ago. They go here and there separately and I have to yell at them to make sure they with me. But I failed.  grrrrrrrr

After a few photo shots Mama took them back in the cage.

psstt..abang Long Misty did not say or do anything when he saw my little rascals. I love you abang Long.

 ade style tak gaya Sayang nyusu baby?


  1. Eee..dah besar dah bebudak ni..:)

  2. semuanyer cerdas dan cergas hehehe..sian sayang di terbalik dek anak2 nak menyusu..

  3. Kakak: nakal pun sama besar gak :P

    Ery: jasa seekor mak :)

  4. Bertambah gumuk n gumuklah mereka kat sana...

  5. ehh baby dah besar!!
    dah boleh lari..

    xcted! :D

  6. hamboiii mcm puteri raja ye kamu dilayan kat sana Sayang...

    rindu la kat Sayang tak sempat nk tgk baby Sayang tp aunty doakan smoga Sayang ngan babies akan baik-baik saja kat sana yerk ^_^

  7. eeh, dah besau2 sume...da pndai merayap dah..ekeke, mesti kakak geram tgok kan...

  8. Ehehe,memang style la Sayang menyusu baby² beliau....syok plak nengok geng² baby Sayang duk main tu....ehehhe


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