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Monday, April 11, 2011

ALAT n KTAJ~success part 2

pics taken from B Cayang Pot's and sis Mira Ahmad fb page.

okay. i am, again, happy with this trip. 

small but it's a HUGE thing to some people. I really thank to Allah as he bring me more good hearted friend(s)

 Sabrina. FFF owner. she managed this place almost alone most of the time. yes HELP is still needed.

 girls with pussies :)

 and cats love men too!


 with my longest relation. a great friend indeed. we went to same primary and secondary school in KayBee!

 suddenly i felt like a peladang!~m soooo happy to be with great people around

 the foods that we bring

with Eddy our badang of the day. lepaking at Chika's after one whole day at FFF in Kuang, Rawang

remember i note one picture with capital word STALKER??  yeah this picture prove it all! cats love me and i  love cats too.~Misty sila jangan jeles ye. Mama loves u too



  1. Misty jgn jeles ok mummy meowwmania kan ada hikhik..

  2. misty kate: nak Mummy Chikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Hahahaha Misty jangan risau. Mummy Chika kan nak buat Misty menantu... :P

    beb, suka last pic tu...


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