bila Pitih

Friday, January 7, 2011

what will happen after this~

time pass by very fast these this is already January. in a few weeks i will be missing all good the thing that i had for past few months.

no more good nite hug
no more good bye cheek kiss
no more night life
no more merapu in my third dialect
no more warning no handphone while driving
no more somebody could cheer me up apart from my 2 girl friends

to somebody...i really thank to God because he bring you to me during my 'illness' 
u bring back my happyness
u made me smile

as for future i pray that we will meet again as a good friend,as person that give such impact in my life

*sowie ye kawan2, n3 nie agak personal n emo*


  1. takpe pon tgh emo skrg nih :(

    tp cik marie jgn sedey sedey ekk...kiteorg geng animal lovers kan ade *senyummmmm.........


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