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Sunday, September 26, 2010


i received blog another award(again).yeay.~sigh~

this is from the fluffies blog,mother to handsome Jebat the orange cat :)

Rules and Regulations:
The rule is simple!
The only thing that the awardees need to do is to list FIVE things that made them happy, and LINK to the blog that has given them the award! Then, pass it to SIX cat-lover blogs.
We request some PHOTOS too :D
Hi all. I am Misty.Guess most of Mama's gang blogger knows almost well me due to my Mama's over expose me HERE!

I am happy when...

1. take charge of Nenek's house
2. fish
    I loved to eat fish,especially when Mama is around because Mama will give me MORE
 3. When Mama kiss me. yeap I love my Mama. and Mama really made my day!
      Also when aunt Chika rubbed me.

 4.When I am at home with my family with my little rascar!
 Fergy Jr.
Bobo Jr

5. Last but not least,to be with my beloved wife,Freeway :)
Now we would like to pass the award to SIX friends including to our new blog friends.

P/s : To not spoil the fun and to keep the originality of this award; to my friends who blogging in other language, I hope u guys can post about this Awards in dual-language. No offense ya. Prrrrrrrs~


  1. We love boiled fish too, but tell u.. ssshhhhh *wishpering*.. Meowmy is too lazy to boil them for us! Pfffftt!

    Can we come to ur place for boiled-fish partey?

    Memon, Jebat & Bellack

  2. comel ah misty...
    nk mcm hero skit2...
    nmpk macho je...hehe

    thanks tag ea...(^_^)'

  3. Hi, Marilyn Darling..Misty the mystic. Flying kiss 4 Misty n the Gang....muahx 1000X

  4. waa cam dah besar je anak2 misty n weeway nih, kalah ler cucus kitew huhuu...


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