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Friday, August 6, 2010

cv aku

Hi EE (MyJobStreet Login ID:),
Reliance Pacific Berhad has viewed your searchable resume and is interested in having you apply for the position of Web and Graphic Designer - PYO.

If you are interested in this position, please view the job details and apply for the job . The chance of obtaining an interview will be higher since the company has already pre-qualified you.

However, if you are NOT interested in the position, please reject the request by 10 Aug 2010 latest.

hahahha sengal. 

dorang baca education background je kot,tak tgk aku keje lam bidang ape sekarang. ngan selamba aku tekan butang reject.


PS: to chika..xde miracle lagi.


  1. huhuhu.... dorang main tekan je. aku dpt offer jadi programmer hr tu. dorang tak tau aku nye it sampai window 95 je. tak upgrade2 lagi...
    i still hope a different kind of miracle for u right here...

  2. hahaha lupa..kita study course nyaris sama n kerja pun lam bidang yg kita xpenah terpk

  3. Web and Graphic Designer?? wahh mantop gitew...

    awat mu reject?

  4. MM: reject la sbb skrg aku kat oil n gas back ground. pastu buat sales. budget kat procurement, oil n gas gak if aku tak jadik balik kg le.


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