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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


meet mili;my old buddy cat.
a siameese cat that she took from kaybee 

1st day i met her dah close cam dah lama knal and i was amazed cus she looked like my cats yg kat kb..freeway and freeway junior. yg different kaler je. freeway black n white and freeway junior very light brown n dark brown and even their character almost the same...perasan cantek (but mmg dorang cantek pun). btw i called mili as milimilamilo

then there is stokeng(sock)
stokeng-means sock in kelantaneese dialect
why the named her stokeng...pls refer pix above.

miss stokeng  nie spesis kurang kasih sayang,kata ika pantang panggil musti dia ikot and i did that..i greeted her every time m on my way to ika's room and she followed. ye la..aku pun sangat suka kucing but rumah kat BA tak dibenarkan bela pet :( . lg satu character stokeng tu she liked to bath..she will lick herself till her furr wet and smelly (this reminds me to arwah Wella my beloved special lil girl)

lastly miss normilana. ika's very own cat. a silver tabby

nie lagi la...pun 1st time met me but manja as kteorang hari2 jumpa. she even slept with me and ika from 2pm to 6pm. kucing ngan owner sama je suka tido.

sangat suka tdo kan..aku n ika tgh layan Marlene and Me ngan sedih minah nie leh layan menempek ngan aku.

about my cats kat kaybee..i missed them. misty dah nak jadik domain cat kat perumahan aku n Dusty dah selamat deliver 4 kitties buT sadly mama told me that 2 gone missing and there only 2 left


Dusty's kitties

Misty and his lil sister Dusty


Dusty and her junior-mom called her Disty Junior or DJ

my boy..getting evil day by day heh heh heh 

Dusty's kitties screaming "SHOW ME THE WORLDDDDDDDD"


  1. Salam... sukanya kak e tengok kucing2 tu semua!

    ermmmmmmmmmm gerammmmmmmmmm

  2. kak E,

    geram lagik tgk milimilamilokan?


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