bila Pitih

Monday, September 28, 2009


during weekend i received miss call note my telco provider a miss call from Him...since at my current place phone line is very i have to return his call (in a way this soooo UNFAIR)
yes i miss him like mad these few days since no call and text from him at all..but he's coming back few days after my kuantan trip (yeayyyyy). hunny: i dpt greenlite pg kuantan tanpa rasa was2: and on top of it apart from my beloved abah he is the 2nd person asked me to do what i must do...the five times per day thing...m so touched and proud of it. yes darl insyallah and i will..not just because of Him but because of Allah...aku nyer ex xde yang bg pesanan cam nie...hampehkan???

apart from it aku bjaya abeskan bacaan aku...Ungu Karmila by Ramlee Awang Murshid. Skrg aku tgh proceed with Bagaikan Puteri by same the author...(he's the only local author yg aku layan) aku nak bli sumer novel in this few months. as for daily routine..keje keje keje je la sbb aku pon kuli cam kbanyakan kawan2 aku.

m planning to drive back to newcastle this coming deepa...ade yg nak follow? target aku nak ajak miss akazukin sheeka since dia lama sgt dah memurtadkan diri xbalik kg kb terchenta.


jari-jari gatal mengomen...